Opening hours

Tuesday - Wednesday -Thursday - Friday
9:00 - 16:00

Monday and Saturday (every second)
9:00 - 15:00


Telephone: +36 99 332-627, +36 99 510-840
Mobile: +36 30 9474-182

Address: 19 Várkerület Sopron, H-9400



Spektrumdent is a privately owned dental office since 1995. We are working at the present location since 1998 with continuously increasing number of medical and assistant staff. During this time the range of dental methods, materials and devices has widened and as a consequence more serious and more difficult protetical and implantological cases can be solved.

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The building of the dental office was built on the basis of a medieval times building in a rococo style. It is almost 300 years old. The big waiting room offers a comfortable place to wait for your turn. Furnishing this room we tried to adapt the style of the building's age. During your time here you can watch television, or drink cold soft drinks or hot coffee.

Planning the machines and furniture of the office we used the Italian design as a basis and we combined it with the style of the building.

We have two different dental chairs in the office. This means short waiting times and a separated specific environment for the implantology operations.


We use the products of leading western European dental companies to implantation, and also to prosthetics treatments and conversational treatments. The result is perfect esthetical look and unquestionable highquality within short time for our patients.

The best materials and technologies we use are cirkonceramics, goldceramics, and also the dental usages of titan.

We always take care of providing temporary crowns or dentures for our patients. This makes them feel more comfortable during the time until the permanent crowns or dentures will be ready.


We bought our machines and assets from the western European market leaders in the dental industry such as Anthos, ESPE, Kavo, W&H, Siemens, Planmeca, DeGötzen, Carestream.

The devices we use fulfil the requirements of the modern dental era.

Beside the indispensable Panoramic X-ray we have the latest innovation of the company Carestream, a 3D conebeam CT device which makes the planning of implantological solutions easier and more precise. It enables us to set the majority of implants with minimal invasive surgery, leading to smaller swellings or pains and accelarating recovery. It also helps us to set implants using surgery templates.


Spektrumdent offers several implantogical products from worldwide known implant-producer companies:

The operations are conducted in local anaesthesia, so our patients do not need to go to hospital for several days. In case of bonebuilding we use syntetic bonebuilding materials.

Implant Prosthetics


Guarantee (from February 2nd 2012):

  • Tooth implant: 6 years
  • Bridge, Crowns: 5 years
  • Inlay: 3 years
  • Removable prosthesis, fillings: 2 years

Condition: yearly checkup
Guarantee for implants and implant prosthetic solutions is provided only if you attend our surgery for checkup every 6 months as well as X-ray checkup every year.



Dr. Sipos Gábor
Dr. Gabor Sipos is the leader dentist. He has been practicing since 1990 and he has been making oral operations and implantology since 1995. His main fields are prosthetic dentistry and implantology.


Dr. Sipos Gábor - dentist
Address: 19 Várkerület, H-9400 Sopron, Hungary

Telephone: +36 99 332 627, +36 99 510 840

The biggest parking lot of the Varkerület with nearly 120 parking spaces is located opposite the building of our dental office.

Appointment for implantation or bone reconstruction is given after you have transfered 200 EUR deposit to our bank account. If you cancel or modify your appointment within a week’s time, the deposit will not be paid back or compensated in the costs of the intervention.